Baltic Sea PFAS Network

This is a knowledge sharing platform to improve the understanding of PFASs in waste streams in the Baltic Sea region to reduce their emissions to the Baltic Sea. 

International PFAS network around Baltic Sea Regions

The Baltic Se PFAS Network wants to connect different stakeholders and decrease the PFAS pollution to the environment. This platform ensures knowledge sharing, experience transfer and networking for opportunities in the field of PFAS usage and management, removal, environment impact, policy and regulations. The network contributes to policy proposals, circulates information by newsletters, website, workshops, conferences and publications, promotes platform members’ activities, and contributes to define a long-term vision for zero PFAS pollution around Baltic Sea.

The network is open to join for anyone interested in the field, no fee required.

Events and activities

The Baltic SEA PFAS Network arranges various seminars and other events and activities.

Learn more about PFAS

Deepen your knowledge of PFAS in water, air, soil etc. Here you will find various news, academic articles, reports and more.

The network is driven by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

in flagship with Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Last updated: 2022-05-18
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