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Membership interview – Tove Mallin

Tove Mallin is a member in the Baltic Sea PFAS Network, and we wanted to know more about her and her work.

Tell us about you, where do you work and how you end up in joining Baltic Sea PFAS Network?

I work as a project leader and senior researcher at RISE. Originally, I was invited to present the project Testbed PFAS on a meeting and after that I joined the Baltic Sea PFAS Network as representative for RISE.

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What field in PFAS have you worked with?

I have worked with reactive, toxic and persistent chemical substances for almost 15 years in the industry and at various research institutes. At the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), I worked with reactive substances such as chemical warfare agents, environmental toxins and industrial chemicals. For the last 6 years I am working at RISE focusing on PFAS, managing the PFAS test and demonstration facility and coordinating the project Testbed PFAS. In addition, in stage II of the project Mistra TerraClean, I run a PFAS remediation case study together with SAAB.

RISE is working with lifecycle of PFAS, can you tell us more?

At RISE we work with the complete lifecycle of PFAS, from production to material recycling and end-of-life. Right now we are focusing our research activities on remediation of PFAS-contaminated ground and water, including life cycle assessments (LCA and LCC) of remediation technologies. Moreover, we are working closely with the industry trying to substitute products with PFAS to PFAS-free alternatives. One example is the project Testbed PFAS where we are examining remediation solutions for PFAS-contaminated ground and water, but also examining the PFAS-free firefighting agents and methods for the future.

Why is PFAS subject important to you personally?

I usually say that the problems with PFAS, and the PFAS substances themselves, will outlast all of us working with them. When you see the enormous problems that PFAS pose, both in Sweden and internationally, it is difficult not to get engaged in the issue.

Any topic that has caught your interest recently?

In addition to PFAS, I also work with research within the area of chemical substitution. I think this is an important research area that deserves a lot of attention. It will also be interesting to see how the concept of essential use will be incorporated into this work.

You live in Sweden, how do you like to spend your summer vacation?

Considering the current situation with Corona, I will mostly spend the vacation exploring Sweden, as most of us.

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