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Registration and certification

Registering vessels in the database through filling out the questionnaire ("self-assessment") is free of charge. After the vessels have received a CSI Class, you can choose to certify the vessel in order to access benefits such as reduced fairway dues in Sweden or reduced port fees in different countries.

The process for registration and certification:

  1. Request a login to the database via cleanshippingindex@ivl.se. When received, fill out the questionnaire ("self assessment") for each vessel.
  2. Your vessels will receive a score, corresponding with CSI Class 1-5. You can now choose to certify your vessel, in order to access benefits, through asking accredited verification companies for quotes.
  3. When the certification is done, a digital certificate (3 years validity) is available for download in the database and will be synced with the Swedish Maritime Administration within 24h.
  4. In order to keep your certificate valid throughout the 3 years, an annual update is required twice for the emission categories SOx & PM and CO2.

Read more about how to access discounts from the Swedish Maritime Administration here. External link.

For detailed information about CSI's methodology, please read the Methodology and Reporting Guidelines, available under 'Methodology'.

Accredited verification companies are:

  • DNV GL
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Class NK
  • Rina Services
  • Verifavia
  • MRVControl
  • Dromon Bureau of Shipping
  • ABS

CSI charges an administrative fee of €500 for issuing the certificate. This is done just one time at the beginning of the three-year validity period, and will be invoiced via the verification company.