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Livet i Göteborg präglas av vattnet och sjöfarten. Hamnen är den största i Norden och varje dag tar sig mängder av människor över Göta älv via någon av broarna eller med båt.The ocean and the harbour is very much present in Gothenburg. The harbour is the largest in Scandinavia and every day people cross the river Göta älv by boat, tram, bike, bus and car.

Previous workshops

Key recommendations from the Saltsjöbaden VII workshop will be found here together with recommendations from each Working Group.

The first workshop was held at Saltsjöbaden outside Stockholm in April 2000. The aim was to discuss and outline further initiatives within the UNECE Air Convention and the EU, following the signing of the Gothenburg Protocol in December 1999. The idea behind the workshop was to discuss, under informal conditions, how science and policy should be developed to support further negotiations and actions on transboundary air pollution.

A couple of years after the workshop, there was a request for a new workshop of the same format to further elaborate future needs for international collaboration. A second workshop was held in Gothenburg, in 2004. Additional workshops have since then been held under the same theme, with the latest Saltsjöbaden VII, in March 2023. A short “history” of the key topics and outcomes from the workshops is presented in the 2023 report.

Reports from all workshops can be downloaded below

Saltsjöbaden I, 10-12 April 2000

Workshop on future needs for regional air pollution strategies.

Saltsjöbaden II, 25-27 October 2004

Workshop on Review and Assessment of European Air Pollution Policies.

Saltsjöbaden III, 12-14 March 2007

Air pollution and its relationship to climate change and sustainable development.

Saltsjöbaden IV, 19-21 October 2009

Air pollution and Climate Change. Report from a workshop under the Swedish EU Presidency.

Saltsjöbaden V, 24–26 June 2013

Saltsjöbaden V – Taking international air pollution policies into the future.

Saltsjöbaden VI, 19-21 March 2018

Saltsjöbaden VI – Clean Air for a Sustainable Future – Goals and Challenges

Saltsjöbaden VII, 12-16 March 2023

Saltsjöbaden VII – Air Pollution Management in a World under Pressure.