Kvinna jobbar bakom färgglada skärmar


Möbelfakta’s labeling system gives furniture buyers the ability to choose products that are in line with the market’s demands for environmentally safe furniture, follow international specifications for quality and built by a responsible supply chain.

The leading sustainability label for furniture, Möbelfakta is a tool for furniture producers, purchasers and designers. It started back in 1972 and is today jointly owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the industry organization Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry.

Möbelfakta certification

In Swedish public procurement Möbelfakta is one of the labelling systems used and meets the requirements for type 1 environmental label. Products that have been approved by Möbelfakta meets the environmental demands that have been set by an independent third party and certified from a life cycle perspective. All products approved by Möbelfakta can be found on the Möbelfakta website, where the period of validity can be found.

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