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Analysis and visualization of environmental data

In the environmental field, the volume of data being collected and stored is increasing. Turning collected data into in-depth insights that result in practical benefits can be a challenge. IVL has considerable expertise in data analysis and data visualization, both in terms of understanding it and communicating it more efficiently.

IVL's expertise in the environmental field is both broad and deep. By combining this with our skills in data analysis and data visualization, we can help you gain a deeper understanding of different types of quantitative and qualitative data. In consultancy and research assignments, IVL offers integration, analysis and visualization of data. We have a vast toolbox, and are sensitive to your needs, with everything from basic Excel compilations to advanced modelling and interactive visualization using Power BI.

For instance, we can help you make environmental data on your website more accessible, by way of interactive graphs and figures, so you can reach a broader audience and increase engagement and knowledge in various issues. By creating visualizations of data, we can help you communicate your environmental and sustainability work – increasing transparency and credibility. We are happy to collaborate, with the aim of developing clear visualizations that provide an easy way to continually follow up indicators and trends in your own area of operations.

In analysis and visualization of environmental data, IVL can help you with:

  • Creating interactive visualizations that can be disseminated throughout your own operations or published on your website.
  • Setting up reports and dashboards that are updated continually, e.g. to follow up trends and indicators for different environmental parameters.
  • Developing calculation models for generating new insights, e.g. to see the relationship between measurements and environmental factors such as temperature and precipitation.
  • Visualizing data in different figures and graphs, to facilitate interpretation and analysis.
  • Merging data from different sources, for use in all the aforementioned points.

Curious about how the visualization could look? Check out CCBuild's value analysis, where IVL assisted with the visualization of daily-updated statistics on reuseable products.