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Biogasanläggning med grönt tak

Anaerobic digestion experiments

Biogas is a renewable fuel that can be produced by digesting various organic residues. IVL has extensive experience of working with different types of anaerobic digestion experiments, where different organic materials are converted to biogas.

The anaerobic digestion tests are based on your needs and can be used to evaluate whether a material has the potential to become biogas and whether it is suitable for biogas production.

Because of the anaerobic digestion experiments, we can compare different process designs, determine optimal mixing recipes for biogas production and evaluate how different pre-treatment methods affect the biogas yield. We can also study how unwanted substances affect and are affected by the digestion process and validate new measuring equipment or new analysis methods.

We carry out the experiments in our laboratory or at one of our two test facilities, one of which is mobile so that the experiments can be carried out where the raw materials for biogas production are located. In the laboratory, there is the possibility of either batch or semi-continuous experiments.

We help you with:

  • Formation, design and implementation of digestion tests for full-scale tests
  • Analysis for process follow-up
  • Analysis to determine the nutrient content of raw materials and biofertilizers
  • Analyzes about whether there are microplastics in sludge, biofertilizer and more

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