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Energy systems

The development of sustainable energy systems is the greatest technical, economic and political challenge of our time. At IVL, we analyze how this development can be accelerated.

Transition requires sustainable energy systems

The transition to a sustainable and robust energy system requires huge investments in energy technology, and energy systems that improve efficiency and that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

We conduct systems analyses, sustainability assessment and climate calculations, in order to be able to evaluate various energy system solutions. Using modelling tools, we learn more about how different energy system combinations can be developed and linked to e.g. the industrial and transport sectors. We conduct technical and techno-economic analyses and lifecycle analyses of various energy sources, and advanced research into renewable fuels and energy sources.

Together with our clients, we develop sustainable and resource-efficient energy solutions.

Examples of our work with energy systems

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Tidstegen: Climate assessment of energy measures

Using the Tidstegen tool, real estate and construction companies can calculate the climate-change consequences of different energy solutions, and the results can be used when making decisions on energy solutions for buildings.

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How can Nordic energy systems become climate neutral?

More robust electricity networks, greater flexibility, more wind and solar power, electrification of transport, but also carbon dioxide capture and storage. All of these are vital parts of achieving the Nordic climate goals. This is according to research in the Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios.

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Zero net emissions with Mistra Carbon Exit

The interdisciplinary research programme Mistra Carbon Exit addresses the ambitious goal of zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045. The focus is on the transition in Swedish industry, and on the supply chains for buildings, transport and transport infrastructure.

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Listen to our experts explain more about energy systems

A greener energy system

IVL researcher Kenneth B. Karlsson explains how we can reduce emissons of greenhouse gases, and make energy production less reliant on fossil fuels.