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Fossil-free fuels

IVL conducts research into new, fossil-free fuels and sustainable production of renewable replacements for existing fuels and propellants.

From fossil-based to renewable and circular

A profound transition is under way in Sweden and the world – from fossil-based raw materials and linear production processes to renewable raw materials and circular flows. For society to continue to function and develop, renewable fuels for various processes must play a greater part, e.g. in power generation, industrial processes, and transportation.

Applied research for sustainable new applications

IVL conducts applied research in projects together with the business, academic and and public sectors, aimed at learning how new, renewable fuels and propellants can be used in new contexts. We also investigate how renewable fuels can be used sustainably. For instance, IVL assists the Swedish business sector in its transition to reduced emissions and increased use of renewable fuels in industrial processes.

We work with sustainability analyses, modelling and scenarios, techno-economic evaluations, policy analyses, and analyses relating to critical raw materials. We have many experts who can help your company with renewable propellants and biofuels, such as hydrogen gas and biogas

Examples of IVL's work with fossil-free fuels


Successfully renewable aviation fuel

A project in which IVL is participating has shown that it is possible to produce aviation fuel with reduced carbon dioxide emissions by capturing carbon dioxide from a cogeneration plant, and adding hydrogen gas. Plus, this fuel can be produced at a competitive price.

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Fartyg till havs

HOPE: Fuel cell solutions in shipping

Maritime transport is still reliant on fossil fuels. In the project HOPE, IVL investigates whether fuel cells powered by hydrogen gas can reduce the fossil-fuel reliance of the Nordic shipping sector.

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