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Urban densification and parking areas

What opportunities are there for shared use of parking spaces and mobility services in Swedish cities when residential areas become denser? In the SamPark Project, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, together with the municipal housing company group Framtiden AB, has contributed knowledge about construction with efficient land use, low resource use and structures that support sustainable travel.

The project has used the Framtiden Group's real estate company as an example and study object during the project. The research project has developed new knowledge and recommendations that can be used in Gothenburg and comparable cities.

Focus areas in the project:

  • Efficient land use, low resource use and structures for sustainable travel.
  • Lower costs for building homes.
  • Design homes, parking spaces and mobility services in a way that contributes to sustainable travel and reduced environmental effects.
  • Study business models and opportunities to achieve goals in municipal traffic strategies, climate strategies and environmental programs.

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Facts about project

  • Sampark - methods, opportunities and potential to share parking spaces and mobility services with the Framtiden Group's property portfolio as a case study object
  • Budget: 1,9 MSEK
  • Financier: Co-financing SIVL and Förvaltnings AB Framtiden
  • Partners: Förvaltnings AB Framtiden
  • Period: 2018 - 2021