news | 2017-03-31

Strategic projects to review the potential of Industrial Symbiosis in Sweden

Researchers from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Linköping University, Rise and through collaboration with industrial partners from Sotenäs Symbioscenter, HiFab, Econova, Tekniska Verken i Linköping and Holmen have begun collaboration on several projects to improve and the use of industrial symbiosis in Sweden. The projects are funded through the Strategic Innovation Program, Resource.

Industrial symbiosis involves firms collaborating or sharing resources, energy and utilities in a collective approach to create competitive advantages as well as circularity. As such, no firm is seen as an island but is in interaction with other firms, creating mutual environmental, social and innovation benefits for the firms, regions and personnel involved. The Strategic Innovation Program Resource has provided funding for a strategic “umbrella” project with several case study projects. The strategic project will review the state-of-the art of industrial symbiosis in Sweden, benchmarking with other international examples, the opportunities, challenges and provide a roadmap on how to improve and increase the use of industrial symbiosis to improve resource and energy efficiency in the future. The related case study projects will review specific examples of industrial symbiosis in Sweden in order to understand how the synergies between actors involved were facilitated, the environmental and socio-economic benefits and potential improvements for the future. Michael Martin, Senior Researcher in the LCA and Environmental Management group represents IVL in the strategic project and is involved in two of the case study projects reviewing industrial symbiosis networks in Sotenäs and Norrköping: – The program and funded projects has provided a great opportunity to review the potential of industrial symbiosis in Sweden and further spread knowledge of current case studies and the use of circular economy practices. We are proud to be involved in these projects to understand the challenges, opportunities and the environmental and socio-economic benefits of industrial symbiosis in Sweden and strengthen our collaboration with the partners involved. The projects have started in January 2017 and will be finalized in December 2017. IVL is also active in many studies reviewing industrial symbiosis, funded through the European Commission and Swedish Energy Agency and are members of the SIIS-Swedish Initiative for Industrial Symbiosis and Cerise-Centrum för Resurseffektivitet i Sverige.  For more information, please contact: Michael Martin,, tel. 010-788 66 81

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