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    New business models can reduce the building sector's climate impact
    The carbon footprint left by construction work is equivalent to that of private motoring. But a study by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute shows that it is possible to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from construction and demolition equipment with the help of circular business models. The greatest potential can be found in the installation and construction sectors and all actors in the construction process are important if emissions are to be reduced.
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    Biocoal to reduce steel industry's emissions of climate gases
    The steel company SSAB, together with a consortium led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, is to explore the possibility of replacing fossil fuels with biocoal.
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    IVL heads international working group to address chemicals in the indoor environment
    For many years IVL has been a member of the European Norman Network that addresses emergent pollutants, i.e., substances currently found in the environment but whose presence and significance are only now being elucidated. Norman has now launched a working group, led by IVL, to address issues of the indoor environment.