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    New project integrates public transport in rural areas with new mobility solutions
    Vinnova has granted IVL Swedish Environment Research Institute 4 million SEK to develop business models to strengthen cooperation between public transport operators and new car-pooling services in sparsely populated and rural areas. The so-called Collaborative Public Transport Project will run for three years.
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    New model important piece of the land-sea carbon cycle puzzle
    Researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, SLU, Norwegian NIVA, English CEH and Scottish Water, have developed a method that makes it easier to estimate both the rate at which dissolved organic carbon in lake water is produced or conversely the rate at which it is consumed – this as a function of water nutritional status and turnover. Their findings have been published in the Nature Geoscience journal.
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    Former Minister for the Environment Åsa Romson recruited to IVL
    Åsa Romson, also a renowned environmental lawyer and environmental policy expert, will develop new research and mission projects, primarily focusing on urban challenges and commitments at national and international levels.
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    Commentary: The emissions trading system has been rescued but will play a less significant role in the future
    After two years of negotiations, last week EU member states reached a compromise over the EU ETS emissions trading system. The reform proposal is more comprehensive than many realize. At the last moment, emissions trading has been rescued, but in future national climate policy will be far more relevant to climate change in the EU, commented Lars Zetterberg, climate policy expert at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, in an article published in Aktuell Hållbarhet.