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    Green transition places new demands on the workplace
    A sustainable working environment is an important puzzle piece in the green transition. As Sweden makes this transition, both workplaces and duties are changing, and this results in new challenges in the work environment. On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Anneli Julander, one of IVL's work environment researchers, shared some thoughts on the future.
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    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Rugao Biogas Pilot Project
    In the end of March, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for a biogas pilot project now starting up in the city Rugao in China. In the project organic wastes such as sludge and food waste from Rugao City, will be collected and turned in to biogas and provide green energy for the Scania factory in the city.
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    Wood-burning the right way – to reduce health risks
    For many, a wood fire is the epitome of home comfort. But the air pollutants, such as particles and soot, emitted as a result of wood-burning affect both human health and the environment. As more people resort to wood-burning due to rising electricity prices, we need more knowledge and information about how to avoid unnecessary air pollution.